Industrial Doors


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Gate or fence doors are used to close industrial plots in a practical and secure way, with multiple manufacturing designs.

They can be self-supporting (without a ground rail) or rolling (with a ground rail).

  • They have a welded tubular structure that guarantees their strength, due to this structure supporting wind loads, hits, slamming and other adverse conditions; the closing material can be welded, screwed, etc.; being able to select from many types of closings.
  • The installation of a pedestrian door, with different types of locks, in the lower panel does not cause problems in this type of door.
  • They have the possibility of being installed in translucent areas, ventilation barring, different types of enclosures (sheet steel, tube, panels, bars and steel mesh, gratings …), windows, etc …
  • We can also highlight its easy installation and maintenance, its strong design as well as its few and strong constructive elements for its movement. It is very easy to make this model work well.