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Ple-leva Folding (Lifting)

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The Ple-leva (folding and lifting) is one of the most recommended doors for all types of applications. Its mechanical features and very good manual operation even in large dimensions are its guarantee. As well as its high performance with low cost of maintenance make it very competitive. Doors certified according to UNE-EN 13241-1.

It’s important secrets:

  • It has a welded tubular structure that guarantees its strength, due to this structure supporting wind loads, hits, slamming and other adverse conditions; the closing material can be welded, screwed, etc.; being able to select from many types of closings.
  • This model of door is very recommendable for large wind loads.
  • The elevation system of this model is a very hard counterweighted, reliable and, up to now, irreplaceable system; this system is the best for balancing elevation doors.
  • Its manual operation is brilliant even in unthinkable sizes for other models, (maximum recommended of 35m2 for manual operation).
  • It can be either manual or automatically operated. Ple-leva doors are always manual; adapting motorise opening and closing equipment for commodity, these last a long time as the effort for moving the door is minimum.
  • The installation of a pedestrian door, with different types of locks, in the lower panel does not cause problems in this type of door.
  • They have the possibility of being installed in translucent areas, ventilation barring, different types of enclosures (sheet steel, tube, panels, bars and steel mesh, gratings …), windows, etc …
  • We can also highlight its easy installation and maintenance, its strong design as well as its few and strong constructive elements for its movement. It is very easy to make this model work well.


This type of door currently manufactured in Spain was imported to this country by the Spanish emigrants that in the 50’s went to work in Central Europe, according to our records this model of door originated in the Swiss – Austrian – German triangle. It is understood that these countries stopped its production due to the large amount of skilled labour needed for its manufacturing.

The only document that we currently have to be able to confirm this is an article from the Classic Motor magazine (all about classic and ancient cars) which relates about a Swiss man and his family Mr. Messerli, this carpenter was a great fan of cars and racing, he started to buy vehicles to transform them into tractors (during this time only animals were used to work the land). Mr. Messerli had ple-leva doors doors (or counterweighted elevating) in his installations, in the photographs an open and another closed one can be seen. These photographs are considered to be from the fifties and sixties. Nowadays, the Messerli family have a museum about all the vehicles that were abandoned in these installations.

Read more (pdf about Messerli)